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Pirate Radio Jingles From The 1970s
Pirate Radio Jingles From The 1970s Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £14.99
99 high quality jingles from Radios Northsea, Atlantis, Mi-Amigo & Caroline on one CD.
Track Listing

1. RNI RNI RNI RNI - Radio Northsea International
2. This is the happiest place - Radio Northsea
3. RNI makes me happier than I've ever been before
4. The chairman of the board of the Happiness Corporation, charge, Radio Northsea, Radio Northsea
5. RNI makes me happier than I've ever been before
6. It's the happening place Radio Northsea
7. This is the place that's gonna blow your mind, this is the sound of Radio Northsea
8. Radio Northsea, Radio Northsea (repeat)
9. This is Radio Northsea International
10. Radio Northsea, picks this hit to go all the way
11. Northsea International, Northsea International
12. RNI, Remembers
13. Travelling in to the years gone by RNI Hitback!
14. This is the Radio Northsea prediction LP of the week
15. You're having fun on RNI Summer Sound
16. RNI News, Worldwide, Now!
17. You're gorgeous, You're beautiful and you're with Radio Northsea International
18. This is Radio Northsea International on 1367 Kilohertz, Music Radio
19. John Lennon & Yoko Ono Promo
20. 220 RNI Dynamite!
21. 220 Radio Northsea
22. RNI Weather
23. Radio Northsea makes you happy
24. RNI Hitback, Hitback, Hitback
25. Fun loving RNI the music machine
26. Radio Northsea Music
27. Radio Northsea Music, Music
28. Radio Northsea makes it happen
29. RNI Oldies, Oldies, Oldies
30. Radio Northsea from the Mebo, Rock on, Rock on
31. Radio Northsea International
32. Fun loving RNI Loves you
33. RNI Mebo II Rocks On
34. Radio Northsea, Radio 1974
35. News ID
36. Moog FX
37. Moog FX
38. Moog FX
39. This is Radio Northsea International
40. Radio Northsea International - Dit is Driemaster
41. What good are friends if you never call on them? Your best friend station
42. Surf, Sand, Sunshine and Radio Atlantis
43. Everything lights up, makes you want to shout...
44. The Summer Sounds in the air - Radio Atlantis
45. Good Morning All the Hits all the time!
46. Radio Atlantis is so fine...
47. Snap. Crackle and Pop to ruin your breakfast....
48. Radio Atlantis is too much!
49. Radio Atlantis
50. Radio Atlantis set `em off!
51. Radio Atlantis
52. Radio Atlantis - Fire!
53. Atlantis here, Atlantis there, Atlantis in the air...
54. Atlantis here, Atlantis there, Atlantis in the air...
55. International Service Intro
56. Radio Mi Amigo
57. Mi Amigo Boom Tune
58. Mi Amigo Radio, Mi Amigo here we go...
59. Mi Amigo Good Vibrations where the action is...
60. Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo
61. Mi Amigo, Number One
62. Mi Amigo's Lieveling
63. Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo Hey!
64. Mi Amigo, Do You Remember?
65. Boom Tune
66. Boom Tune
67. Hey Mi Amigo, Hey Mi Amigo, Hey Mi Amigo Hey!
68. Boom Tune
69. Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo, Hey
70. Mi Amigo, Much more music where the action is!
71. Radio Mi Amigo the best dam station in the world
72. Mi Amigo - Radio
73. Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo Radio
74. Mi Amigo, Mi Amigo
75. Amigo 2-5-9 metres in the medium wave
76. Mi Amigo Radio
77. Serving the European Continent from the North Sea This is the new Radio Caroline
78. Radio Caroline
79. Love and good music Radio Caroline on 259
80. You're tuned to the voice of peace and good music, coming live from the North Sea, all through the night
81. From a point at sea to the circles in your mind this is the new Radio Caroline
82. Caroline - 259 All the time in your mind...
83. Loving Awareness is free, is free, is free
84. Loving Awareness, Radio Caroline, Love and good music Radio Caroline
85. Radio Caroline
86. Love and Good Music Radio Caroline
87. Loving Awareness - Caroline
88. 319 Radio Caroline
89. 319, Music Radio, Radio Caroline
90. Loving Awareness Caroline
91. Caroline 319
92. Good morning, good morning on Caroline
93. Caroline, 319 Caroline, all the hits on Caroline, the station we love!
94. 319
95. 319
96. Radio Caroline
97. 319
98. 319
99. Goodbye Caroline by The One Shots...
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