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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors Vol 2
And Now A Word From Our Sponsors Vol 2 Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £16.99
Radio And TV Commercials Volume 2
On this CD you'll hear 50 vintage - Cult Classic Radio and TV ad soundtracks from the Golden age of broadcasting. A real piece of social history. Taken from original master tapes
Available on CD
1. Guards Cigarettes
2. Guards Cigarettes
3. Woman's Mirror
4. Bulova Watches
5. Richmond Cigarettes
6. Kellogg's Cornflakes
7. Evette Cosmetics (nail colours)
8. Big Fry Picnic
9. Big Fry Chocolate Cream
10. Big Fry Crunchie
11. Balito Crepe Mist Stockings
12. Vitalis
13. Evete Cosmetics (face powder)
14. Colgate Free Nylons
15. Rishe'
16. Silexine Paints
17. Evette Cosmetics (deodorant)
18. Phensic
19. Horlicks
20. Horlicks
21. Vitalis
22. Mendac Coats
23. Kent Cigarettes
24. Kent Cigarettes
25. Kent Cigarettes
26. Kent Cigarettes
27. Kent Cigarettes
28. Gordon Moore's Cosmetic Toothpaste
29. Ever Ready Batteries
30. Findus Frozen Foods
31. Libby's Food and Fruit
32. Weetabix
33. Weetabix
34. Ultrabrite Toothpaste
35. Typhoo Tea
36. Kraft Soft Margarine
37. Lyons Maid Mint Rocker
38. Scholl Sandals
39. Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra
40. Opal Fruits
41. Condor Tobacco
42. Murray Mints
43. Bulmer's Strong Bow
44. Jaycloth
45. Pony
46. Co-op 99 Tea
47. Smarties
48. Lifebuoy
49. Del Monte
50. Cinzano Bianco ...
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