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Radio London - The Production Masters
Radio London - The Production Masters Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £21.99
2 CD Presentation Set
This double CD contains the complete set of the famous Radio London jingles, 'Big L' was the first radio station in Europe to use jingles produced by the Dallas based jingles company - Pams. These jingles would bring a touch of 'magic' to the station sound and are now regarded as master pieces. Also included are some re-mixes and a selection of Productions recorded by the legendary Kenny Everett. These are an example of Kenny's earliest work and are highly sought after. A 12 page colour booklet accompanies this collection with ,many photos and story. Limited edition. Contains 198 re-mastered and restored Pams original Radio London Promos, Jingles and Music Beds.
Track Listing

Series 16 'The Sound Of The City' (1961)

1. The 'London my Hometown' song (Stereo mix)

Series 17 'The New Frontier' (1961)
2. If You Want To Sell In England....
3. If You Want To Sell In England (With Ben Toney)
4. Radio London Reminds You, Go To The Church Of Your Choice
5. It's Smooth Sailing With The Highly Successful Sound Of Wonderful Radio London
6. Bulletin, Stand By, Here Is A Radio London News Bulletin (Ben)
7. On The Half-Hour, Radio London News Tells You More, Says It Better (Ben)
8. Now, Radio London News Tells You More, Says It Better (Ben)
9. Radio London News Has Told You More, Said It Better (Ben)

Series 18 'Sonosational' (1961)
10. Wonderful Radio London - Big L!
11. Wonderful Radio London (Contempo)
12. Wonderful Radio London - Have You Heard?
13. Here's The Latest Weatherword On Wonderful Radio London
14. Wonderful Radio London (Stirling - Vocal)
15. Wonderful Radio London - Ole!
16. Have You Ever Been? Have You Ever Been? Well Needless To Say, You're Okay With Wonderful Radio London
17. Conniff Instrumental
18. Wonderful Radio London - News Around The Clock
19. This Is Wonderful Radio London - Where You're Hearing Things
20. You're Hearing Things On Wonderful Radio London
21. Wonderful Radio London (Wonderful Radio London) Radio London
22. Wonderful Big L, Radio London, Wonderful Big L, (Wonderful Radio London)
23. Wonderful Radio London (Stirling - Sonovox/Steel)
24. Wonderful Radio London - Whoopee! (Rey Slides - Sonovox)
25. Wonderful Radio London (Mancini - Sonovox)
26. Wonderful Radio London (Bossa Nova - Sonovox)
27. Wonderful Radio London (Trombone - Sonovox)
28. Wonderful Radio London - It's Just Great For Fun (Stuck - Sonovox)
29. The Sonowaltz (Big Lil Theme)
30. Wonderful Radio London (Pronto - Sonovox)
31. Wonderful Radio London (Lucky - Sonovox)
32. Wonderful Radio London (Stirling - Sonovox/Vibes)
33. Wonderful (Wonderful) Radio (Radio) Big (Big) L (L) Wonderful Radio London
34. It Starts On Monday On Wonderful Radio London
35. Monday
36. Tuesday
37. Wednesday
38. Thursday
39. Friday
40. Saturday
41. Sunday
42. Wonderful Radio London - Biggest Sound Around Big L
43. Wonderful Radio London, Where You're Hearing Things, The Music Sings On Wonderful Radio London - Big L
44. Stirling - Vibes Instrumental
45. Stirling - Steel Instrumental
46. Rey Slides Instrumental
47. Guitar Instrumental
48. Mancini Instrumental
49. Bossa Nova Instrumental
50. Dixie Instrumental
51. Bone Instrumental
52. Pronto Instrumental
53. Lucky Instrumental

Series 26D 'The Beatles' (1964)
54. Well If You're Feeling Down, Come On And Get Happy With Wonderful Radio London
55. We're Gonna Move, We're Gonna Groove, We're Gonna Prove That You'll Hear All There Is To Hear, Right Here On Wonderful Radio London

Series 31 'The Music Explosion' (1966)
56. Stripper Instrumental
57. Double Bass Instrumental
58. Music Lovin' Radio London, For You And Me, The Sound Of Big L
59. Radio London - Miles Of Music
60. Radio London Means More And More Music On Wonderful B-I-G-L
61. Music That's Our Middle Name, Wonderful (Music) B-I-G-L
62. The London Sound, Wonderful (Music) Means B-I-G-L
63. Go Go, The Top 40 Sound Of Wonderful Radio London
64. Radio London - Music Now!
65. B-I-G-L Radio London
66. Radio London (Music) for you and me - and me!
67. More music (more music) on Big L - Big L!
68. Radio London - Big L - Day and night!
69. Much more music every morning, Radio London for you and me
70. Radio London
71. B-I-G-L
72. Radio London Weather
73. B-I-G-L Yesterday
74. Much more B-I-G-L music
75. (Music) B-I-G-L
76. At sea, The mast with the most
77. Radio London - Super Hit one!
78. Radio London - Super Hit two!
79. Radio London - Super Hit three!
80. Radio London - Disc of the week!

81. This is the voice of England, Wonderful Radio London
82. This is Radio London, Turn us on and we'll turn you on
83. For those who know better, better for those who know, 2-6-6 Radio
84. Wonderful, Radio, London!
85. This is it! Wonderful Radio London!
86. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, Radio London!

87. Wonderful Radio London (Organ repeat) Radio London
88. ....... Wonderful Radio London (Going places sig.)
89. Stirling - steel and vibes instrumental
90. Rey slides instrumental
91. Guitar instrumental
92. Mancini instrumental
93. Bossa-Nova instrumental
94. Dixie instrumental
95. Bone instrumental
96. Stuck instrumental
97. Pronto instrumental
98. Lucky instrumental
99. The sonowaltz Bed with count-in (track recorded 21/11/61)

1. Kenny 'Dave Cash' promo 1965
2. Kenny 'Tony Windsor' promo 1965
3. Kenny 'Dave Dennis' promo 1965
4. Kenny 'Ed Stewart (Roach)' promo 1965
5. Kenny 'Ed Stewart (Busy Street)' promo 1965
6. Kenny 'On Big L This week...' promo 1965
7. Kenny 'One thing to say' promo 1965
8. Kenny 'Mrs Amelia Cratt' promo 1966
9. Kenny 'New Fab 40 Time' promo 1966
10. Kenny 'Moving the Fab 40' promo 1966
11. Kenny Listen to the sound' promo 1966
12. Kenny 'Letters from our listeners' promo 1966
13. Kenny 'All the thrills' promo 1966
14. Kenny 'Miss Pughlas' T-shirt commercial 1966
15. Kenny 'Mark Roman' promo 1966
16. Kenny 'Take 40' promo 1966
17. 'Hullo Tony' Louis Armstrong spoof
18. 'Pausing with Windsor' song
19. It's time to take a coffee break
20. You may not find us on your TV
21. KLIF News Signature 1 New frontier fanfare
22. KLIF News Signature 2 Headline News
23. KLIF News Signature 3 Bulletin
24. KLIF News Signature 4 News spot coverage
25. 'News in Brief' ID
26. News blip
27. News out
28. Radio London Brides jingle
29. Boogie Man Boogie
30. Ocean Terminal
31. Groovy!
32. All the deejays say
33. Remember you heard it...
34. 1-2-3 jumps ahead
35. Here's yours truly with the weather
36. Would you be so kind, Mr Er....
37. The sweet sound of success
38. If you've had it, just form this habit, Wonderful Radio London Ole
39. Big Band 'Big L!'
40. KYW Conniff instrumental
41. KBOX Steel instrumental
42. Listen and learn, learn and listen
43. Big L - The station with the happy difference
44. Thanks for tuning our way
45. Good Afternoon
46. All the weather's on the Mast with the most
47. Now hear this
48. Here's an all American pick hit
49. WABC Kazoo instrumental
50. WABC Hooters instrumental
51. This is Happy Radio
52. Sono-nonsense
53. Whee! Wonderful Radio London (Chris Denning)
54. Whee! Wonderful Radio London (Vocals)
55. Big L - where the action is
56. It's a blast!
57. Pamper People instrumental filler
58. You get a positive charge out of Big L!
59. Let's look into the future time...Wonderful Radio London
60. Remember this Golden Classic
61. The fastest thing in the air - Wonderful Radio London
62. The one and only Big L where the music is news
63. Live this weekend, where the action is
64. Good Morning the world is bright...with Big L!
65. WABC Skyliner instrumental
66. You're a winner with - Wonderful Radio London - Big L!
67. T-G-I-F Thank Goodness it's fun with Big L!
68. Good Morning, everything looks good when you open your eyes with Big L!
69. School Days
70. WABC 'Kiss' instrumental
71. Who's got it? We've got it!
72. So you're new in town
73. The Happy Hotshot sound
74. Happiness is...
75. Happiness is a thing called Big L
76. Hey look alive!
77. WABC 'Military Band' instrumental
78. B-I-G-L It's Number One
79. Time to get up, get out of bed
80. Big L tips it's transmitter to....
81. News comes first on Big L!
82. Bannerline news instrumental
83. Shah-la-la
84. Go Go Charge!
85. Wherever you go, go go with Big L - Go Go!
86. From Big L - Hitline International
87. Big L!
88. B-I-G-L Scores Again
89. Oh come on horse whoah!
90. WABC 'Red Indians' instrumental
91. WABC 'Heavenly choir' instrumental
92. 'Merry-go-round' Big L!
93. Let's go go go...
94. 31A Theme
95. 31B Theme
96. You're a pussycat, you're where it's at
97. The one that's in on every play - Big L!
98. You're where it is!
99. Scat-stinger...
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