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Pirate Radio Jingles From The 1960s
Pirate Radio Jingles From The 1960s Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £14.99
99 high quality jingles from the halycon days of Offshore Radio; Radio Caroline, London, England, Britain & City on one CD.
Track Listing

1. Caroline Bell
2. Caroline the Sound of the Nation
3. Caroline the Sound of the Nation (Theme)
4. Caroline the Sound of the Nation Are you hipped to there?
5. Caroline the Sound of the Nation Man that's Groovy
6. Caroline Sureshot
7. Caroline Instrumental Link
8. Caroline Instrumental Link
9. Caroline Instrumental Link (Sax)
10. Caroline the Sound of the Nation
11. Caroline Instrumental Link
12. Wonderful Radio London - Big 'L'
13. Wonderful Radio London
14. Wonderful Radio London Have you Heard?
15. Here's the latest Weather word on Wonderful Radio London
16. Wonderful Radio London
17. Wonderful Radio London (Spanish)
18. Have you ever been? Have you ever been? Well needless to say you're OK with Wonderful Radio London
19. Coniff sig instrumental
20. Radio London Sales Promotion
21. Radio London reminds you, go to the Church of your choice
22. Its smooth sailing with the highly successful sound of Wonderful Radio London
23. Wonderful Radio London News around the clock
24. Well, if you're feeling down come on and get happy with Wonderful Radio London
25. This is Wonderful Radio London, where you're hearing things, where you're hearing things
26. You're hearing things on Wonderful Radio London
27. On the half hour Radio London News tells you more says it better
28. Wonderful Radio London, Radio London
29. Wonderful Big L, Radio London, Wonderful Big L....
30. Wonderful Radio London
31. Wonderful Radio London Whoopie!
32. Wonderful Radio London
33. Wonderful Radio London It's, just, great, - for fun
34. The Big 'Lil' theme
35. Wonderful Radio London
36. Wonderful, Radio, Big, L,- Wonderful Radio London
37. Wonderful Radio London - Biggest sound around Big 'L'
38. Wonderful Radio London Where you're hearing things, the music sings on Wonderful Radio London
39. We're gonna move, we're gonna groove, we're gonna prove that you'll hear all there is to hear, right here on Wonderful Radio London
40. Radio London - Miles of Music
41. Radio London means more & more music on Wonderful B-I-G-L
42. Music that's our middle name
43. The London Sound, Wonderful, Music - means B-I-G-L
44. Radio London - Music Now!
45. B-I-G-L Radio London
46. Radio London Music for You and Me
47. More Music on Big 'L'
48. Radio London - Big 'L' - Day and Night
49. Much more music every morning, Radio London for you and me
50. Radio London
51. B-I-G-L
52. Radio London Weather
53. Much More B-I-G-L Music
54. Music B-I-G-L
55. At Sea the Mast with the Most
56. London my Home Town Song (Stereo Mix)
57. Lets look into the future time, pick the tune that's gonna climb, breaking with the sound of tomorrow - Swinging Radio England
58. Swinging Radio England
59. Stay with the fun, Whoopie, hear all the hits on Swinging Radio England
60. Swinging Radio England brings you up to the minute reports from the Ionespheric weather checker
61. Live this weekend where the action is on Swinging Radio England
62. Swinging Radio England
63. England's Finest - Swinging Radio England -Where the Music is News
64. Swinging Radio England
65. Swinging Radio England Where the Action is
66. The fastest thing in the air, Swinging Radio England
67. You get a positive charge here on Swinging Radio England
68. You're a winner with Swinging Radio England
69. In Swinging England we pamper people...
70. Swinging Radio England Out-a-Sight!
71. Remember this Golden Classic - Swinging Radio England
72. Good Morning the world is bright and new, sit tight you're always right with Swinging Radio England
73. The Boss Jocks, Play More Music
74. Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
75. Swinging, smart, satisfying sounds, sharp and syncopated....
76. International, standard for quality, Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio The Smart Set
77. Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
78. Around the clock, you know more when you listen to Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
79. Step up, step up to a new level of musical velvet, smooth sounds of the Smart Set - Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
80. Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
81. The Bright Sounds of the Smart Set Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
82. Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio with music for this that and the other.
83. Around the clock, irresistible music Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
84. Around the clock for all the best in music, turn to us...
85. The Sound of News is heard only on Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio
86. There's never a dull moment on Hallmark of Quality Britain Radio The Smart Set
87. Radio City It sounds fine on 299
88. 299 Your Tower of Power!
89. It's a Radio City
90. Radio City the right time of the right station
91. Radio City your host on the coast
92. Radio City News, as it happens, every hour
93. Going back in time on the Sounds of the Nation It's a Caroline Flashback!
94. Sounds fine it's Caroline
95. Sounds fine it's Caroline
96. Caroline International Plays sing-along Hit - 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3, 2,1,1,1
97. Caroline International - The Station with the Happy Difference
98. Caroline International - The Station with the Happy Difference...
99. American Hot 100 Show Intro...
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