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Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio Jingles
Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio Jingles
Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio Jingles Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £21.99
Matrix No.: Jumbo TJLCD141/142
Make/Model: Jumbo Records
2 CD Presentation Set
This double CD (The Boss Radio Jingle Pack) contains the complete collection of probably every jingle that you would have heard on Swinging Radio England & Britain Radio, these two stations were one of the first in Europe to use on-air branding of jingles produced by the famous Dallas based jingles company - Pams. These jingles would bring a touch of 'magic' to the station sound and are now regarded as master pieces. Also included are those famous ‘That Man’ Jingles, by ‘Spot Productions’ - a spoof of the ‘Batman’ TV series theme, so popular during the summer of 1966.

This CD has been painstakingly put together by Norman Barrington and Ray Anderson from their vast libraries of broadcast sound.

It’s all included, station Idents, commercials, promos, news jingles and sounders, music beds, stereo re-mixes, together with jingles that were heard on Radio Dolfijn, Radio 227 and Radio 355. In fact all the stations that were heard from the MV Olga Patricia & MV Laissez Faire during 1966 and 1967. There are even air checks of your favourite DJs. The most definitive and all encompassing collection that has been been are included on the double CD collector set. Nearly 160 minutes of audio together with a superb 32 page colour booklet with many unique photographs with Norman Barrington telling the unique story of how & where this amazing eclectic collection came to be.
Track Listing
TRACK 1 Radio England - PAMS 27 Full Package Reference
TRACK 2 Radio England - Spot Productions - ‘Thatman’ Full Package Reference
TRACK 3 Radio England - PAMS 27 Edits by Ron O'Quinn & SFX
TRACK 4 Radio England - Pop Stars Greetings
TRACK 5 Radio England - DJ Idents
TRACK 6 Radio England - News & Weather Comprehensive selection
TRACK 7 Radio England - Futursonic & CRC WFUN Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 8 Radio England - Pepper Tanner WFUN Acappella Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 9 Radio England - PAMS 14 WFUN Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 10 Radio England - PAMS 16 WFUN Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 11 Radio England - PAMS 22 WFUN Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 12 Radio England - PAMS 24 WFUN Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 13 Radio England - PAMS 26 Edits by Ron O'Quinn
TRACK 14 Radio England - PAMS 26 Fillers
TRACK 15 Radio England - PAMS 28 Fillers
TRACK 16 Radio England - PAMS 29 WPTR Supplied by Larry Dean
TRACK 17 Radio England - PAMS 30 Pre-Records Supplied by Larry Dean
TRACK 18 Radio England - Production & Drop-ins
TRACK 19 Radio England & Radio 227 - PAMS 29 WABC Edits
TRACK 20 Radio 227 - PAMS 27 Edits by Dave MacKay
TRACK 21 Radio 227 - ‘Country Style’ Promo (Look Boden)
TRACK 22 Radio Dolfijn Promos
TRACK 23 Britain Radio - PAMS ‘Smart Set’ Full Package Reference
TRACK 24 Britain Radio & Radio England - CRC ‘Weekend’
TRACK 25 Britain Radio - PAMS ‘Smart Set’ - Bonus Stereo Selection
TRACK 26 Short Commercial Selection
TRACK 27 ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ - Mitch Miller Don George - Valando Music

TRACK 1 Britain Radio - PAMS ‘Smart Set’ Instrumentals
TRACK 2 Britain Radio - ‘Musical Carousel’ Promos
TRACK 3 Britain Radio - ‘NAB’ Promos
TRACK 4 Britain Radio - SESAC Instrumental Fillers
TRACK 5 Britain Radio & Radio 355 - PAMS Instrumentals & News
TRACK 6 Radio 355 - DJ Promos
TRACK 7 Radio England on 355 - Test Transmission - Rick Randall - 3rd May 1966
TRACK 8 Britain Radio on 227 - Test Transmission - Jerry Smithwick - 3rd May 1966
TRACK 9 Radio 355 - Aircheck - ‘Broadside Free Radio Movement’ - 1967
TRACK 10 Radio 355 - Aircheck - ‘The World Tomorrow’ Outro - 1967
TRACK 11 Radio England - Aircheck - Roger Day & Alan Black - October 1966
TRACK 12 Radio England - Aircheck - Gary Stevens & ‘Beatles Tour’ - September 1966
TRACK 13 Radio England - Aircheck - Ed Moreno - News Bulletin October 1966
TRACK 14 Radio England - Aircheck - Johnnie Walker - September 1966
TRACK 15 Radio England - Aircheck - Brian Tylney - July 1966
TRACK 16 Radio England - Aircheck - Jerry Smithwick - September 1966
TRACK 17 Radio England - Aircheck - Boom Boom Brannigan
TRACK 18 Radio England - ‘Chickenman’ Syndicated series from WCFL 3rd July 1966
TRACK 19 Radio England - Aircheck - Ron O'Quinn - August 1966
TRACK 20 Radio 227 - Aircheck - Look Boden - 17th June 1967
TRACK 21 Radio 355 - Bonus Rare Aircheck - José Feliciano ‘live’ Jingle with TW...
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