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RNI Jingle Collection
RNI Jingle Collection
RNI Jingle Collection Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £21.99
By: Various
Matrix No.: Jumbo TJLCD134/135
Make/Model: The Jumbo Label
2 CD Presentation Set

Nearly 160 minutes of RNI memories are on this Double CD - ‘RNI Jingle Collection’ is the most comprehensive collection of RNI Jingles, Promos, Theme Tunes & Commercials ever assembled. It is another amazing collection from the collaboration of Norman Barrington & Ray Anderson and their fabulous tape archives of Offshore Memories. This incredible collection from both the Dutch and English services has been re-digitised and in many cases re-mastered from the original mastertapes. Many items, thought to be lost are included on this remarkable historical and valuable collection that will bring back hundreds of memories from this great offshore radio station that was on the air between 1970 and 1974.

Includes a 32 page colour booklet with The Jingle Story and many colour photos taken on board and also includes pieces of RNI memorabilia.

Track Listing
TRACK 1 Intro & Pepper Tanner ‘Living Legend’ Music filler
TRACK 2 Original German Vocal cut
TRACK 3 Gwinsound Series 9 Singovers by Robbie Dale
TRACK 4 ‘South American Getaway’ - Burt Bacharach - AKA Mark Wesley’s RNI ‘Voom Tune’
TRACK 5 Audio Producers Radio One 1970 (Borrowed by John Denny)
TRACK 6 Pepper Tanner ‘Now Sound’ edits
TRACK 7 Pepper Tanner ‘Generation 70’ edits
TRACK 8 Pepper Tanner ‘Reachin’ Out’ edits
TRACK 9 Pepper Tanner ‘California Sound’ & ‘Spectrum 70’ edits
TRACK 10 Pepper Tanner ‘Doin' Our Thing’ edits
TRACK 11 Pepper Tanner ‘You've Never Heard It So Good’ edits
TRACK 12 Pepper Tanner ‘Airplay’
TRACK 13 Pepper Tanner ‘All Heart’ edits from Manx Radio (Don Allen)
TRACK 14 PAMS Series 15 Instrumental filler
TRACK 15 PAMS Series 18 edits
TRACK 16 PAMS Series 27 from Radio England edits
TRACK 17 PAMS Series 28 from UBN edits
TRACK 18 PAMS Series 31 edits
TRACK 19 PAMS Series 32 edits
TRACK 20 PAMS Series 33 edit
TRACK 21 PAMS Series 34 from BBC Radio One
TRACK 22 PAMS Series 35 edits
TRACK 23 PAMS Series 38 edits
TRACK 24 PAMS Series 39 edits
TRACK 25 PAMS Series 40 edits
TRACK 26 PAMS Series 41 edits
TRACK 27 PAMS ‘Musical Odyssey’ filler
TRACK 28 Total Sound ‘Moogalogo’ format components & edits
TRACK 29 Assorted News & Weather Sounders (English & Dutch)
TRACK 30 FM Aircheck Larry Tremaine FM 11-06-70
TRACK 31 FM Aircheck Alan West FM 11-06-70
TRACK 32 FM Aircheck Carl Mitchell 12-06-70
TRACK 33 Ronan O’Rahilly’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Wilson’ - 1970
TRACK 34 Station Start-up tape (Two Versions)
TRACK 35 Peace - Peter Gosling (UNICEF)

TRACK 1 ‘RNI Is Here To Stay’ mini-song
TRACK 2 TM ‘Phase II’ edits
TRACK 3 PAMS Series 22 WKBW Sonovox by Steve England (Stereo Mix)
TRACK 4 PAMS Series 22 WKBW Instrumentals from Steve England
TRACK 5 Spot Productions edits
TRACK 6 Studio Aircheck Alan West News introduces Stevie Merrick - Spring 1972
TRACK 7 RNI Shortwave & ‘Nordzee Goes DX’ with A J Beirens
TRACK 8 KGJ ‘Logotronics’ 1973
TRACK 9 KGJ ‘Logotronics’ Top Up 1974
TRACK 10 Pepper Tanner ‘MARS’ Slogans
TRACK 11 Dutch Radio ‘Twee-Twee-Nul’ Mini Package
TRACK 12 Dutch Grand ‘Choir-style’ Mini Package
TRACK 13 English Station Jingles & Promos
TRACK 14 Dutch Station Jingles & Promos
TRACK 15 English DJ Promos
TRACK 16 Dutch DJ Promos
TRACK 17 English Commercials
TRACK 18 Dutch Commercials
TRACK 19 ‘Toad’ (A spoof of the Caroline Gold film commercial) 1973 Brian McKenzie
TRACK 20 Bonus selection of exclusive stereo mixouts
TRACK 21 Dutch Farewell
TRACK 22 ‘Man of Action’ - Les Reed
TRACK 23 Ray & Norman Sign-off (Over logotronics bed with Ken Justiss)

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