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Laser 558 & Laser Hot Hits Jingles - Production Hit Kit
Laser 558 & Laser Hot Hits Jingles - Production Hit Kit Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £21.99
Matrix No.: JUMBO TJLCD143/144
Laser 558 & Laser Hot Hits are both fully represented on this double CD & 32 Page colour photo booklet. Re-Mastered from tapes and cartridges taken directly from the MV Communicator, this selection of historic and valuable recordings is a treasure trove of Jingles, Commercials, Promos, Airchecks and Themes in amazing audio quality. Laser's impact on British and European audiences was enormous, with an estimate 12 million people tuning in to this fast pace true example of American Radio.

Track 1 Laser 558 Jingles
Track 2 Laser 558 Station Promos
Track 3 Laser Blasts & SFXs
Track 4 Laser 558 European Idents
Track 5 Laser 558 News Sounder
Track 6 Laser 558 Celebrity Endorsements
Track 7 Laser 558 Commercials
Track 8 Laser 558 - Eurosiege ‘85
Track 9 Laser 558 - Public Service Announcement Beds
Track 10 Laser 558 - Bill Mitchell Voice Idents
Track 11 Laser 558 DJ Jingles
Track 12 Laser 558 - Chipping Sodbury Sound Jingles (East Anglian Productions)
Track 13 Laser 558 DJ Programme Links
Track 14 Laser Roadshow Voice Links
Track 15 Laser 730 Idents
Track 16 Laser 558 - First Day On Air - 24th May, 1984
Track 17 Laser 558 - ‘Rockin’ America’ - Scott Shannon (Westwood One)
Track 18 Laser 558 - Pams Jingles (Never Aired)
Track 19 Laser 558 Rap Track
Track 20 Laser Radio Song By The Communicators (Roger King & Yannie Tsamplakos)
Track 21 Laser 558 Closedown Music Bed - “Outer Limits”
Track 22 Laser 558 Nightly Closedown Announcement

Track 1 Laser Hot Hits Jingles
Track 2 Laser Hot Hits - Bill Mitchell Promos
Track 3 Laser Blasts & SFXs
Track 4 Laser Hot Hits Jingles (Never Aired)
Track 5 Laser Hot Hits - News Jingles & Sounders
Track 6 Laser Hot Hits ‘Comes Alive’
Track 7 Laser Hot Hits - Day 1 With John ‘Rock & Roll’ Anthony - 1st December, 1986
Track 8 Laser Hot Hits - Day 2 With John ‘Rock & Roll’ Anthony - 2nd December, 1986
Track 9 Laser Hot Hits - Public Service Announcements
Track 10 Laser Hot Hits - ‘Motown Magic’ with David Lee Stone
Track 11 Laser Hot Hits - News with John Allen on 7th March, 1987
Track 12 Laser Hot Hits - ‘The Garage Goodies Show’ Vol II with Micky Baron
Track 13 Laser Hot Hits - Bill Mitchell Session
Track 14 Laser Hot Hits - Bloopers (Bonus Track)
Track 15 Laser Hot Hits Radio Song By The Communicators - With ID (Roger King & Yannie Tsamplakos)
Track 16 Laser Hot Hits Radio Song By The Communicators - Without ID (Roger King & Yannie Tsamplakos)

It is another production from the tape library of Ray Anderson.
JUMBO TJLCD143/144 ...
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