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99 Jingles Volume 1
99 Jingles Volume 1 Add to basketAsk a question about this item
Format: Audio CD
Price: £19.99
99 Great Jingles On One CD For Radio, Disco & Club
This CD is packed with a varied selection of highly useable Deejay Jingles, Production Effects, Stingers, Staging, Voice-Overs, Shouts, Sound Effects, A Cappellas, Comedy Inserts, News Jingles, Crazy Commercials, a selection from the ''PAMS'' back catalogue and a great range of D-I-Y Rap Tracks. A truly creative selection on one value-for-money CD. These jingles are designed to be used as is or to assist you in the creative production studio when making promos, features and idents. Designed for maximum Impact. They are all you need for a slick professional Sound! Plus, we''re sure you will have a lot of Fun using them! The CD contains all 99 tracks with the PQ encoding set right at the start of the track for perfect cueing every time, with a full track listing included. The 99 JINGLES series adds up to the best value pre-recorded Jingle product on the market today! Used around the world by hundreds of deejays, radio stations, radio producers and top disc jockeys. Heard on BBC Radio One and Two, Virgin Radio, Capital Radio, BFBS and many other stations. rn

EAP001CD 99 JINGLES Volume 1 CDrn
99 Highly useable deejay jingles on one CDrn
rnTrack Listingrn
1. Theme 31A PC 0.25"rn
2. Non Stop Music PC 0.04"rn
3. Music Explosion PC 0.06"rn
4. Music PC 0.03"rn
5. Music Bulletin, Bulletin PC 0.05"rn
6. Music A Go Go PC 0.03"rn
7. Time For Music PC 0.05"rn
8. Music PC 0.04"rn
9. Music, 5 Minutes Sooner PC 0.17"rn
10. Music Time PC 0.04"rn
11. Summer Time Music PC 0.05"rn
12. Theme 31B PC 0.45"rn
13. News Thematic PC 0.16"rn
14. News Separator PC 0.04"rn
15. News Logo Intro 1 PC 0.22"rn
16. News Logo Intro 2 PC 0.22"rn
17. The Big Theme PC 1.07"rn
18. Laser Sting FX 0.02"rn
19. Jet Sting FX 0.09"rn
20. Laser Cluster FX 0.04"rn
21. Laser Sting FX 0.02"rn
22. Geoff Boycott''s Greatest Hits CI 0.44"rn
23. Man Falling SFX 0.12"rn
24. Horrific Sound MVO 0.26"rn
25. Meaty Morsels CI 0.13"rn
26. It''s Number One! PC 0.10"rn
27. It''s Number One! PC 0.02"rn
28. It''s Number One! PC 0.09"rn
29. It''s A Blast! PC 0.10"rn
30. An All American Blast From The Past MVO 0.10"rn
31. Crankin'' Up The Hits MVO 0.05"rn
32. From New York City This Is No. 1 MVO 0.10"rn
33. Five Hits In A Row MVO 0.06"rn
34. Ten Hits In A Row MVO 0.06"rn
35. The Golden Age Of Rock `n'' Roll MVO 0.08"rn
36. All The Power... All The Music You Want MVO 0.06"rn
37. More Crackle Free CD MVO 0.07"rn
38. FM MVO 0.03"rn
39. FM (double voice) MVO 0.03"rn
40. Non Stop Music MVO 0.04"rn
41. And Now Another Hour Of Solid Gold MVO 0.10"rn
42. D.I.Y. ''House'' Rap ''Sounds Intriguing'' MT 3.14"rn
43. D.I.Y. ''Hip Hop'' Rap ''Secret Word'' MT 3.23"rn
44. D.I.Y. ''Rave'' Rap ''Quiet Please'' MT 3.15"rn
45. D.I.Y. `Military'' Rap ''Once And For All MT 3.14"rn
46. Footsteps/Creaky Door Open SFX 0.10"rn
47. Creaky Door Close SFX 0.05"rn
48. Phone Ring SFX 0.14"rn
49. Dial Tone/Receiver SFX 0.07"rn
50. Do You Remember? PC 0.23"rn
51. Don Juan Wines CI 1.10"rn
52. Zip SFX 0.04"rn
53. 30 Minutes Of Non Stop Dance MVO 0.06"rn
54. Music To Make Love To MVO 0.09"rn
55. In N.Y IIIt''s Number One! PC 0.13"rn
56. LLLive This Weekend PC 0.13"rn
57. CD Hits In Stereo MVO 0.09"rn
58. TTTurn It Up LOUD! MVO 0.04"rn
59. PPPower - Music Power MVO 0.08"rn
60. AAAll The Hits And More MVO 0.07"rn
61. Get Set For A Non Stop Music Sweep MVO 0.08"rn
62. Gumsmackin'' Dance Tracks MVO 0.16"rn
63. Do You Remember? PC 0.27"rn
64. TTTime For Fun! PC 0.05"rn
65. Weather Break Go Go PC 0.09"rn
66. GGGo Go! PC 0.06" rn
67. Go Go! Go Go! PC 0.09"rn
68. The Show With Added Music PPPower MVO 0.08"rn
69. If It''s Good Music - DDDo it! MVO 0.06"rn
70. FFFlashback AC 0.06"rn
71. All Time Classic AC 0.09"rn
72. Golden Memory Year AC 0.12"rn
73. Do You Remember When? AC 0.12"rn
74. Fabulous Fifties AC 0.05"rn
75. The Swinging Sixties AC 0.05"rn
76. The Sensational Seventies AC 0.04"rn
77. The Energetic Eighties AC 0.03"rn
78. Future Gold AC 0.03"rn
79. Memories AC 0.03"rn
80. Memories Are Made Of Hits AC 0.04"rn
81. Monday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
82. Tuesday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
83. Wednesday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
84. Thursday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
85. Friday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
86. Saturday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
87. Sunday Night Music AC 0.04"rn
88. Non Stop Dancin'' AC 0.04"rn
89. Happy Easter AC 0.04"rn
90. A Merry Christmas To You AC 0.05"rn
91. A Happy New Year AC 0.04"rn
92. Backtrackin'' To The 50''s MVO 0.03"rn
93. Backtrackin'' To The 60''s MVO 0.03"rn
94. Backtrackin'' To The 70''s MVO 0.04"rn
95. The Hottest Vinyl MVO 0.07"rn
96. Hot Sounds MVO 0.04"rn
97. We Keep On RRRockin'' MVO 0.05"rn
98. HHHottest Hits In Stereo MVO 0.05"rn
99. Announcement MVO 0.15"...
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